aaaand we're back!

To sum it up: our European vacation was beyond AMAZING!

For those who weren't aware, Eddie & I took a wonderful 3 week vacation exploring Spain, Italy & France. Not going to lie, I kind of forgot about the blog on our trip. It was nice to not worry about posting photos & just enjoy our time!

But then it hit me, I really want to post photos, but that currently seems like a large task considering I took around 4000 photos. FOUR THOUSAND. I'm shaking my head because that's a ridiculous amount! So, I'm going to narrow it down (big time) and only post those photos that are my fav's.

Until that time comes (cut me some slack time wise, pleeeease!), here's one we took with the almighty iPhone4 on our first night in Paris (and my fav memory of the trip).

And until I get a chance to post more, I have some wonderful engagement shoots to post over the next week.

au revoir!

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