gpofw | 08.25.10

gratuitous photo of Finn Wednesday

Finn & Sammy (the blur) playdate
(iphone4 photo)


foto friday | wickedly amazing

I've been dying to see Wicked in SF and when I heard the show was coming to an end, I begged my mom for tickets for my birthday. This was by far one of the best musicals I've ever seen. I don't even have the words to describe how amazing everything was - the theater, set, costumes, props & cast. It was just...well, amazing. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest you do before it comes to a end on Sept. 5.
Details here - Wicked


casey & yelena | sacramento engagement photographer

We've known Casey & Yelena for a couple years now & they are two of the most artistic people you'll ever meet (I have two pieces of Yelena's art hanging in our home sweet home). They've been married for four years and until recently never had professional photos taken of them. Casey contacted me over the Christmas holiday to purchase a session as a gift to Yelena. So once the weather turned warmer [warmer is an understatement, the sun was SO hot we were sweating half the shoot], we headed out to no mans land for our session.

Side note: These two are troopers - not only was it a billion degrees out, but there were mosquitoes & ticks everywhere & still they smile & pose like its no big deal - amazing!
I highly suggest you check out their artistic sides
his & hers


gpofw | 08.11.10

gratuitous photo of Finn Wednesday

he loves car rides - whether in his crate or head out the window