gpofw | 07.28.10

gratuitous photo of finn wednesday

Finn & Sammy finally got to meet today


hi, I'm cute

Look at that smooshy face...this pup needs a name tag that says "hi, I'm cute."

My parents brought this little guy home yesterday and I spent all day giving him kisses on his cute face. He's only 10 weeks but super mellow compared to Finn.


foto friday | an apple a day

This was taken at a recent engagement session (which will be posted soon).
It reminds me of two things:
  1. apple hill & the beautiful fall season
  2. twilight - the series, not the time
    (call me crazy, I don't care)
In other news, life is getting extremely busy & it's getting harder and harder to keep up on GPOFW & foto fridays.
So, here's my new disclaimer - I'll try to post twice a week, if I don't, sorry!


GPOFW | 07.14.10

someone's got a sweet tooth, just like his mama

(iphone photo)


Dylan | Sacramento Senior Portrait Photographer

I first met Dylan and his mom Kim in Old Sacramento for our session. I arrived with images in my mind of where to shoot and what backdrops to use. But Old Sac was a total fail - not only were the trains absent, but it was packed to the brim with people. I have never seen Old Sac this packed before. So, a last minute location change had us shooting in an empty parking garage. Dylan was a senior at Capital Christian School who is planning to attend Azusa Pacific in the fall. Dylan's also a proud new member of the Azusa football team.

The sun (and heat) was out in full force that afternoon which forced me to become even more familiarized with shooting AGAINST the sun. I'll admit that prior to my last few shoots, I was a little afraid of shooting into the sun, but I absolutely love the glow and the brightness it brings to the images. Once I found my rhythm & Dylan warmed up to the camera, we were on a roll.


foto friday | take a seat

I found this beauty while wine tasting & loved how the sun hit the chair so elegantly


GPOFW | 07.07.10

stick muncher


foto friday | red, white & blue

Have a good weekend!