we're praying like nuns, run eddie run

Before we get started, let me just say that by no means am I talented sports photographer. I have no interest in it. I think photographers excel in specific categories - mine being couples, not sports. However, the only time you'll find me at a sports event, camera in hand, is when Eddie is on the field.

A few posts back I talked about Eddie's 50 mile run along the American River (here & here) - which started at CSUS and ended in Auburn - we're talking an all uphill trail run. The furthest Eddie had ran before this was 33 miles in training, and before that was the 26.2 CIM. He's insane, but he's not the only one. Jason Harper & Michelle Purcell ran the race too - they are all hands down, incredible and inspiring.

I wish I could say that I wanted to focus more on capturing great photos of him, but my parents, brother, bff & I were at each stop as his support crew, and that was my number one priority.

Eddie was sending mobile photo updates the entire race which you can view here. He also explains why he ran 50 miles & it's a pretty good reason if you ask me. If you want to hear Jason, Michelle & Eddie talk about the aftermath of the race, you can find the podcast here - Episode 222, Till I collapse AR 50 mile recap.

$5 says he'll do a 100 mile race next...just wait & see...


Helen Widegren said...

Great pictures, Alyssa...

Twila said...

Wow 50 miles!!! I just did my first 5k and had to walk a little. I am impressed!! Maybe one day maybe!!