foto friday | AMGEN tour of CA

Eddie is really into biking - so when the AMGEN tour kicked off in Sacramento last year, it was a must-see. Granted it fell on Valentines day last year, t was actually a ton of fun running back and forth trying to snap shots of the bikers & waiting for that 10 second glimpse of Lance Armstrong & Levi Leipheimer zoom by.

This Sunday kicks off the tour in Sacramento - and if you're in town - GO! Besides the fact that everyone and their mother is crowded downtown, it's an enjoyable experience. The guys ride time trials around the Capital & Tower Bridge area, and then Monday the tour heads to Davis & onward. {map}.

Even though I brought my camera last year, I swear 89.4% of my photos contained only bike tires, helmets, butts, or the crowd because these guys are speed demons. Um, hello, look at those leg muscles!

If you go, let me know!

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