Audi | Sacramento Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Audi - an outgoing , head-to-toe beautiful senior at Lodi High. Audi has plans to join a nursing school program and is deciding if she wants to start her college experience at CSUS or Azusa Pacific. Not only does this girl have a sweet smile, but she's got the heart to match it.

And we can talk about the amazing choice of outfits?! We drove around Elk Grove with a backseat full of clothes discussing what would look best with each location. I must admit, I loved every single piece of clothing (and accessories) Audi brought to our session.
I love shooting sessions with amazing outfits & choices galore.

Wouldn't she make an amazing model?

Audi - thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture your senior portraits. I had an amazing time tromping through field after field with you (& thank you for being so easy going with my crazy ideas). Good luck next year, I know you'll have an amazing year!


Liz said...

She is absolutely stunning!
ps; did some of the photos cut off or did you purposely leave them in half like that? I can't tell lol. I want to see the whole thing!

Great job A<3 I can't wait for our shoot!

Alyssa Ballisty Photography said...

She is stunning!

Aaaand no, that was my mistake in sizing them...the photo sizes are fixed now and should show properly.