GPOFW | 04.28.10

leaf muncher

(gratuitous photo of Finn Wednesday)


foto friday | sweetest obsession

I won't lie, I'm not an ice cream fan. Don't hate me, I'm lactose.
But, as I was roaming the frozen dessert section my eyes fell upon this cute little thing and I decided I wanted to give it a go.
Besides, with cute packaging it has to taste good, right?!

It tastes like heaven - no lie. It reminds me of a creamy lime cheesecake that melts in your mouth.
I'm in love.

PS - for all you wine lovers, check out Ciao Bella's Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet, which to me tastes like my dads homemade summer wine slushies -mmm.


GPOFW | 04.21.10

step, step, bite...


sneak peek | 50 miles, audi, casey & yelena

Three amazingly fun sessions coming soon!

Two weekends ago Eddie ran the American River 50 mile run, which to say the least was intense.

Meet Audi, a gorgeous senior at Lodi High who was so much fun to work with!

And Casey & Yelena, who braved thousands of ticks and mosquitoes for this sun-filled couples session.


foto friday | stop and pick the roses

Not only do I love having a backyard - but I love having pretty flowers to pick, stick in vases and plop on our table.


GPOFW | 04.14.10

Grandpa & Grandma love little Finn


foto friday | run 50, run!

My husband Eddie, my amazing friend Michelle & the inspirational Jason Harper are running the AR 50 tomorrow...that's 50 miles...we're talking 10 hours+ of running.
Insane is a word that comes to mind, no?

It's literally from Sac State to Auburn...all 50 miles headed uphill.

What's even more insane is that Eddie could qualify for the Western States 100 [yes, I said 100] if he completes the 50 miles under 11 hours.
Saturday is going to be a day full of sweat, blood & tears of pain...
But tears of joy once they cross that finish line.


GPOFW | 04.07.10

How Finn spends majority of his time with us...

such a little angel while he's sleeping!


Cheers to 50 years & Easter eggs galore

Not only was Easter a special day, but my mom turned 50! So we mushed the two celebrations together and came out with an extravaganza!

I cooked 3 dozen eggs with the intentions of using half for the centerpieces and the rest for another little project...but that didn't pan out. So instead, I split the 3 dozen into two vases, added white carnations and a few purple buds and viola.

We had four tables total, two of which had the round vase centerpieces, the other two had recycled glass bottles with carnations. I love collecting glass bottles, they make such pretty vases and you can never have enough.

Well, well, look what the Easter bunny brought us! A little egg thief...

It was little Finn's first Easter/family gathering and he did so well! Instead of his normal biting, he gave kisses, chased balls, jumped in laps and stole Easter eggs. By the time we sat down to eat, he was zonked out in his bed & stayed that way all night.

Our little boy is 10 weeks today! Here's our first family photo

I hope your Easter was fabulous!


foto friday | April showers take away my flowers

I know I posted a photo of these pretty blooms a few Fridays ago, but I can't help myself. Especially now that these blooms are slowly turning green.

Besides, I'm pretty busy now that I'm on jury duty for a MONTH. Yeah, a month. So, I'll apologize now for any lame April foto Fridays.

Happy Easter, friends!