GPOFW | 03.31.10

Inspired by the adorable GPOWW posts over at Liz's blog, I bring to you a new installment of GPOFW - Gratuitous Photo of Finn Wednesday.

We take so many photos/videos of our little man that I could probably post a photo a day. Obviously, we adore him, more than we thought we could. His little face melts our hearts.

Keep a look out for the next GPOFW post next Wednesday!


foto friday | plus 1

Meet Finn, the newest addition to our little family!

He is the cutest little thing I ever did see.
Don't ya think?!


foto friday | the grass is greener

I love many things, but fields rank pretty high on the list...and that includes wispy long grass. There's something about the way the wind flows through the strands that seems so dreamy, romantic...refreshing.

It's a good thing our humble abode faces an open field, otherwise, I wouldn't get to see these dreamy field greens dance in the wind.

On another note, I am in love with this book page backdrop...I want my own...but I'm not sure how Eddie will feel about that. How awesome would it be for photo shoots though!?

(image via ruche)


the hardest part about owning a pet...

...is losing them.

This weekend our family dog, Buzz, passed away. He was my precious little man...and a huge part of our family. I grew up with him, fed him food at the table [sorry Mom], snuggled with him, let him lay his head on my pillow, taught him how to dance in circles...he even had me trained to follow him into the kitchen to give him a treat [and I fell for it every time]. We knew he was at that age...the final age. It's hard to lose a pet that has become a family member. It breaks my heart to think of how he won't be at the door to greet me when I go to my parents, and how I can't kiss that perfect little spot on his head anymore. I looked forward to seeing him every weekend...and I miss him already.


foto friday | sunlight delight

While I was expecting rain, this week had gorgeous blue skies. And with this sunshine comes beautiful light, especially right before the sun sets.

So everyday I drive by these beautiful trees on my way home, and I gawk at how the light hits the flowers so gently. I finally decided it was worth grabbing my camera and heading back to snap this.

5:40pm sunlight, I love you.


foto friday | coffee addicts

Say hello to our little friends...

Wonderland for me, bike lovin' for him.
So cute & so perfect for these two coffee addicts.


nicole & tyler | sacramento engagement photographer

Once again, let me start by saying, this is not an engagement session, it's merely a valentines day/couples session.

My theory is, you don't have to be engaged to have your photo taken! I would take Eddie out all the time for pre-engagement photo shoots, and now look at him, he's fantastic at posing [he might hate me for saying that].

These two just celebrated their 6 months of lovin and it all fell perfectly into place for a Valentines day session. Are you feeling the rocker-vibe? Maybe that's because they're both truly gifted musicians. Tyler is the guitarist for Method Echo and Nicole sings with the Tipping Point. Check them out!

I think this last set is my favorite.