foto friday | city sky

Is it just me or did this week fly by? I intended to update with photos from our trip to SF, but that didn't happen. I wasn't expecting many photos though, I left my camera at home and only brought out the little point & shoot when I pleased. But lo and behold, that little camera packs some pow, don't ya think?

Seriously though, how could I not snap the City skyline?
I promise a massive photo post in a few days.
Happy Friday!


foto friday | flashback

While the photo below was taken a couple years ago [actually during our proposal weekend in SF], I feel that it resembles my current weekend.

I love the fog rolling in...[@ the memorial cemetery in SF]

This weekend will be devoted primarily to a funeral & a weekend getaway in San Francisco.
I'd like to stay and chat, but the City is calling my name.

ps-did I mention we're seeing the Cold War Kids play on Saturday? We're oh-so-excited!

aaaand just for kicks...a photo after Eddie proposed to me


the thomas family | sacramento family photographer

Ok, so you've probably seen this little cutie all over my blog, but I'm not sorry, she's absolutely precious. Momma wanted a few new family photos for the holidays so we managed to score one day without rain to capture a few moments.

The headbands, the smiles, the giggles, the dainty hands - I seriously can not get enough of her!

I recently found myself experimenting with a slight vintage/retro look and I really like it! It's not normally a style I lean towards, but perhaps the tides are changing -
it is after all, a new year & a fresh start.

And last but not least, my favorite.


foto friday | spend a little time

It's Friday again - man, this week flew by. I'm not complaining though, it's a 4 day weekend for me! And not only is it a long weekend, but we're having our housewarming party tomorrow! Friends, family & Chevy's food - what could be better?!

I have to admit though, the real highlight of my Fridays are these kids. I wrote about how I'm involved in a program on Fridays at Oak Ridge Elementary and I absolutely look forward to it each week. If you have an hour free on any Friday till June, come join us, you won't regret it!

Happy Friday!


foto friday | merry merry

Taking my first step in my weekly goal - here's my first contribution to Foto Friday!

It may have been our second married Christmas, but it was our first Christmas in our new home! Appropriate ornament for a very special Christmas! I can not wait to create memory upon memory in the years to come in our lovely abode!

Speaking of Christmas, I received the ever so lovely Canon 50mm f/1.8 from the hubs and am totally obsessed with it. It is utterly amazing and I have a feeling a good chunk of these posts will revolve around the lens.
If you don't have one - get one - you won't regret it.

Seriously though, how awesome is the depth of field compared to the first photo!? And I kid you not, I only enhanced the exposure on this photo - that depth of field is 100% real.

I'm in love.



So this is the new year, and I have no resolutions. I've never been one to make resolutions - I'd rather make little goals to stick with and try to complete them daily, weekly or monthly. And then, if all else fails and I bite the dust, I won't feel like such a loser.

My little goal is to update my blog on a weekly basis. These weekly segments, known as Foto Friday, will consist of a photo [or photos] I've taken that week. I think this little goal is good for two reasons - 1. my blog will no longer be oh-so neglected & 2. it'll be good for me to pick up my camera [besides doing so for sessions] and shoot something I find beautiful, inspiring or interesting.

Below is a sneak peek of a recent session with the most adorable little girl.
Don't you just want to eat her up!?

So with that, happy twenty-ten!