all they need is love | sacramento childrens photographer

As it's Thanksgiving weekend, I'd like to share something incredibly close to my heart which I am truly grateful for - the opportunity to be involved in these kids lives.

Alongside Be Change, I've had the opportunity during the past few months to connect with the kids at Oak Ridge Elementary in Oak Park - the roughest neighborhood in Sacramento. I truly believe that every child deserves a fighting chance, equal education, opportunity, health care and healthy, nutritious meals.

Be Change/Equal Start has partnered with the Sacramento Food Bank to provide each child at Oak Ridge a bag of nutritious food, every Friday, for the rest of the school year. We're talking about 475+ bags of food donated to these kids, so that each child will have food for the weekend. I lead the Friday Food Fill Up & I've snapped a few photos over the past few months.

These kids are amazing & as much as I'd like to think that they need me...I need them, too.

Want to lend a helping hand? There are many ways to get involved including Wednesday afternoons filling the bags, Friday afternoons handing out the bags, running in the CIM to raise funds for health care for every child on campus, or donating to the cause. Click here for more info & take a peek at the "get involved" section.