baby addison - take two

So the first attempted session with Addison didn't quite work out, she was a little too fussy. I honestly only came out with one good photo.

So I tried again this past weekend and was met with success. I wanted [secretly needed] exposure to photographing babies. I'll admit, I'd rather do adults, they're easier to give instruction too. Babies do have the "aw" factor though.

I think I still need more practice until I'm sufficiently confident in my baby skills. Although, I don't think these are all that bad for my first [semi-second] attempt.


our first - easter 2009

This was our first married Easter and we spent it with my Mom's side in Sonoma. I absolutely love our holidays in Sonoma. Everything is amazing; the company, food, weather, walks, memories. There's also an abundance of poppies [my favorite flower] everywhere you turn.

[click photos for larger views]

Eddie & I are also coming up on our first year of marriage...crazy! Before we left Sonoma, I made him stop at this amazing old barn and pose for a few photos since it's been awhile.

He is risen! Happy Easter!