rebekah & baby girl

I did a maternity shoot for my good friend Rebekah last month. We've known one another for over 8 years thanks to our small private school & church. And as of March 4, she & her husband Matt are the proud parents of Addison Brielle, a beautiful little girl with a full head of hair and rosy cheeks.

The weather forecast proclaimed a dark rainy day, yet no rain appeared, and the sun peeked out from the cluster of clouds every now and then. I took her to my favorite spot - my dad taught me how to use my camera here. It is the most beautiful spot in any season, rain or shine. I've explored, kayaked, hiked every muddy section of this glorious place. It's my secret little [big] garden. We only ventured into a quarter of the land, but she was such a trooper!

She had an antique rocking chair [Matt's grandma's old chair] in her trunk that was on it's way to the dump. I inherited it and let my creative mind flow. Besides the two up top, these are my favorite photos. The rocking chair makes them perfect.

We have our two week newborn session coming up, and I can't wait to photograph this adorable little girl! Rebekah & I have been brainstorming ideas for months! Stay tuned in a couple weeks for that post!


$ExY said...

Its great photography but seriously wish to knw wat cam are u using...
Cuz it seems like uve donea hell lotof editing to the original image

Alyssa Ballisty Photography said...

Thanks, I use a Canon EOS 40D. The only editing on the first photo is a blue tint to wash out any warm colors and a vingette.