sneak peek - heather

sneak peek:

I think it's impossible for Heather to take bad photos.
She's simply stunning


sneak peek - melissa & john

sneak peek
engagement photos coming soon...

Next on the roster, babies. And in doing so, I'm dubbing tomorrow "baby day." As I mentioned a while back, my friend Rebekah had her baby girl, Addison and I have the honor of photographing her baby stages! Tomorrow is our 2-week baby photo session! Then following the session, I'm attending a family baby shower for my cousin. Hence, tomorrow is baby day.

I'd like to say I'll come down with the baby-gimmies, but lucky for me [and Eddie], I only have the puppy-gimmies :)


sneak peek - misha & micah

sneak peek:


tomorrow's another day

bridal shoot tomorrow morning
engagement shoot tomorrow afternoon
busy day.
stay tuned...


putting compassion into action

My husband Eddie has been competing in the TBF [total body fitness] duathlons this season [a duathlon is a 2 mile run, bike, followed by a 2 mile run]. After the 3 series race, he was named 2009 division champ for the 20-29 male age group [his first big win!].

He seems to be gaining progress in his training towards his ultimate goal in making it to the National Xterra triathlon in Utah. We'll see how he does in the first Xterra tri March 29th!

Eddie on the first part of his run*

Our good friend Mike joined in on the fun as well. We were waiting by this tiny little bump in the path and I'd yell at all the bikers to jump it. Some would laugh, some would ignore, and some would jump. Mike jumped. Riders should be more like that. Entertain me, please.

Ash cheering for Mike

Our other good friend, Michelle, ran in the trail run and placed third in her division! She's literally incredible aaand beautiful. Her big trail run is on the 28th & I guarantee she'll be fantastic. This girl inspires me to reach for the stars; don't know what I'd do without her.

To see more photos from the race, take a look at Eddie's blog.

In other related news:

Our inspirational friend/mentor, Jason Harper, started a non-profit org called Be Change [aka Extra Mile Run]. It was created to bring "awareness to the plight of health care for the children of Sacramento's inner-city campus of Oak Ridge Elementary School in the heart of Sacramento's roughest neighborhoods." Last year Jason ran 100 miles in 29 hours for these kids, and inspired us.

Eddie ran the California International Marathon this past December with a group of runners supporting De:terminence; his first time being fully involved in helping a cause. It sparked a fire in him to do more, and decided to pursue the next step. His goal: to raise funds and awareness for the children at Oak Ridge while competing in the Xterra triathlons. I'll be there on his journeys, documenting everything I can. You can also view his blog
here to see his progress [he'll be updating this weekend].

Put your compassion into action!


*I have him trained to smile at the camera, this way, I can capture better photos, ha.


rebekah & baby girl

I did a maternity shoot for my good friend Rebekah last month. We've known one another for over 8 years thanks to our small private school & church. And as of March 4, she & her husband Matt are the proud parents of Addison Brielle, a beautiful little girl with a full head of hair and rosy cheeks.

The weather forecast proclaimed a dark rainy day, yet no rain appeared, and the sun peeked out from the cluster of clouds every now and then. I took her to my favorite spot - my dad taught me how to use my camera here. It is the most beautiful spot in any season, rain or shine. I've explored, kayaked, hiked every muddy section of this glorious place. It's my secret little [big] garden. We only ventured into a quarter of the land, but she was such a trooper!

She had an antique rocking chair [Matt's grandma's old chair] in her trunk that was on it's way to the dump. I inherited it and let my creative mind flow. Besides the two up top, these are my favorite photos. The rocking chair makes them perfect.

We have our two week newborn session coming up, and I can't wait to photograph this adorable little girl! Rebekah & I have been brainstorming ideas for months! Stay tuned in a couple weeks for that post!


stephanie & dan

These two love birds are tying the knot in June 09. This shoot was a breeze - the chemistry between them is undeniable. Dan works in the US Air Force & Stephanie is a special education teacher finishing her Masters. Our session was shot where Dan proposed to Steph in October. I rarely had to give them directions; these two were in their own world [which makes it extremely easier to capture true moments]. How cute are they!?

my favorite shots [above]

how beautiful is that backdrop?!


a glimpse into my world

Considering this is my first post, I might as well introduce myself.

My name is Alyssa Ballisty & I simply love photography - I have since I was young, thanks to my father. He passed down his first camera, a Pentax 100, to me in high school. Nothing can compare to an old manual film camera. Although, my Canon EOS 40D comes close. I'm most creative when behind the camera, but I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to be in front of it either.

I'm now taking the next step as an aspiring photographer.
Not gonna lie, it's a little scary, but exciting.

This blog will capture my experiences in this new adventure.
I'm working on a website, but for now you can lurk my myspace.

ps-if you'd like to become part of my adventure, I'll gladly accept.