we've moved...come with me!

When my portfolio website was created, it was done without a blog...primarily because at the time, I wasn't blogging. However, as time progressed, so did my blogging. I felt this was as good time to move on from blogger and have my blog and portfolio reside in one place.

So, my brand new blog can be found at alyssaballisty.com - check it out! If you're currently subscribed to this blog, you'll need to update your subscription, which can be done here. If you aren't currently subscribed, you can find the subscription button on my new blog in the top right corner or go here.


micaela & kevin | sacramento engagement photographer

I absolutely love Apple Hill - so I was pretty excited when an old school mate, Micaela, asked if I'd shoot their engagement session in Apple Hill. I don't care what time of the season it is, Apple Hill always provides a gorgeous backdrop. What's better than this you ask? Oh, Micaela & Kevin are also tying the knot in Apple Hill next month!

We didn't need much more than a mini-bucket of apples & a blanket...

Well, maybe a couple of bikes...

Congrats you two, I can't wait to see you say "I do" in a couple of weeks!


aaaand we're back!

To sum it up: our European vacation was beyond AMAZING!

For those who weren't aware, Eddie & I took a wonderful 3 week vacation exploring Spain, Italy & France. Not going to lie, I kind of forgot about the blog on our trip. It was nice to not worry about posting photos & just enjoy our time!

But then it hit me, I really want to post photos, but that currently seems like a large task considering I took around 4000 photos. FOUR THOUSAND. I'm shaking my head because that's a ridiculous amount! So, I'm going to narrow it down (big time) and only post those photos that are my fav's.

Until that time comes (cut me some slack time wise, pleeeease!), here's one we took with the almighty iPhone4 on our first night in Paris (and my fav memory of the trip).

And until I get a chance to post more, I have some wonderful engagement shoots to post over the next week.

au revoir!


gpofw | 08.25.10

gratuitous photo of Finn Wednesday

Finn & Sammy (the blur) playdate
(iphone4 photo)


foto friday | wickedly amazing

I've been dying to see Wicked in SF and when I heard the show was coming to an end, I begged my mom for tickets for my birthday. This was by far one of the best musicals I've ever seen. I don't even have the words to describe how amazing everything was - the theater, set, costumes, props & cast. It was just...well, amazing. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest you do before it comes to a end on Sept. 5.
Details here - Wicked


casey & yelena | sacramento engagement photographer

We've known Casey & Yelena for a couple years now & they are two of the most artistic people you'll ever meet (I have two pieces of Yelena's art hanging in our home sweet home). They've been married for four years and until recently never had professional photos taken of them. Casey contacted me over the Christmas holiday to purchase a session as a gift to Yelena. So once the weather turned warmer [warmer is an understatement, the sun was SO hot we were sweating half the shoot], we headed out to no mans land for our session.

Side note: These two are troopers - not only was it a billion degrees out, but there were mosquitoes & ticks everywhere & still they smile & pose like its no big deal - amazing!
I highly suggest you check out their artistic sides
his & hers


gpofw | 08.11.10

gratuitous photo of Finn Wednesday

he loves car rides - whether in his crate or head out the window


gpofw | 07.28.10

gratuitous photo of finn wednesday

Finn & Sammy finally got to meet today


hi, I'm cute

Look at that smooshy face...this pup needs a name tag that says "hi, I'm cute."

My parents brought this little guy home yesterday and I spent all day giving him kisses on his cute face. He's only 10 weeks but super mellow compared to Finn.


foto friday | an apple a day

This was taken at a recent engagement session (which will be posted soon).
It reminds me of two things:
  1. apple hill & the beautiful fall season
  2. twilight - the series, not the time
    (call me crazy, I don't care)
In other news, life is getting extremely busy & it's getting harder and harder to keep up on GPOFW & foto fridays.
So, here's my new disclaimer - I'll try to post twice a week, if I don't, sorry!